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**All Students Will Be Prompted To Change Their Password Upon Initial Login For The 17/18 School Year -- THIS MUST BE DONE ON A COMPUTER, NOT A MOBILE DEVICE!**

*Only students in grades 6-12 are issued Student Portal accounts!*


If this is your first time accessing the Parent Portal, please send an email to with detailed information in order to receive your unique activation code. Upon verification that you are eligible for an account, you will then use your unique activation code to create your own username/password to access the portal. Please keep your username and password in a safe spot for easy access to your account at a later date.  NOTE:  Portal account requests may take a day or two to process.  

STUDENTS: (Grades 6-12) 

Use the following username and temporary password credentials to access your account. Once you login for the first time, you will be asked to change your password. Please keep your new password in a safe place.

An example is shown below for logging in with your temporary password:

Username = student's school ID number

Password = first initial+last initial+birth month+birth day+birth year (first initial+last initial+MM+DD+YY)

A fictitious student named Alex Carter who's student ID number is 123456 and who has a birth date of July 4, 2002, would use the username 123456 and the temporary password ac070402 to access his account.  Once Alex logs in for the first time, he will have to change his password to something he will easily remember but no one else will be able to guess.


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